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Terms & Conditions
Please Read Before Proceeding
1. Patients below 20 years and above 80 years will not be admitted. However, for patients seeking admission in Deluxe accommodation, age limit is relaxed to 18 years.
2. Patients weighing more than 130 kgs will not be admitted
3. Pregnant women are not admitted
4. Patients suffering from heart diseases, cancer, skin disease, TB etc. are not treated.
5. Those who are addicted to evils such as drugs, ALCOHOL, smoking, jarda, pan masala etc. are not eligible.
6. Patients coming only for weight reduction and relaxation will not be allowed.
7. Patients who are not able to walk at least 1km. without support are not eligible for admission.
8. Booking is for individual only and not transferable
9. Laptop,i-Pad,Mobile phones are allowed only inside the accommodation and if found using outside, the equipment will be confiscated and will be given only at the time of discharge. Patients will be admitted subject to our doctors' approval.
10. Full ward charges are payable in advance at the time of admission and will be for the number of days of stay as advised by our Doctors. Charges for X-ray, Laboratory, ECG, other tests and physiotherapy will be extra. Rates ruling during the time of stay will be charged.
11. Guests will not be allowed to stay with the patient.
12. Children are not allowed to stay with the patients.
13. Attendants/ servants are provided accommodation in servant quarters and food is served in the attendants canteen. Smoking/ indiscipline will not be allowed.
14. Patients arriving on Saturday evenings or Sundays/ Holidays will be treated after proper investigation and diagnosis from Mondays/ Next working days only.
15. Accommodation, once booked, will not be cancelled or postponed even by forfeiture of petty deposit (which is insignificant in comparison to loss/damage suffered) unless there is a sound reason, without which his / her case for admission will not be reconsidered in future.
16. Charges for reservation will be applicable from the date of confirmed reservation and not from the date of joining.
17. If the patient does not join within 3 days from the date on which reservation was confirmed, his / her deposit will be forfeited and accommodation will be allotted to next patient.
18. To have the lasting advantage of Naturopathy, patients must stay for the entire period as prescribed by the Doctor in the interest of the patients themselves. In case they have to leave the Institute because of an extreme emergency, charges will be levied for the actual period of stay plus 3 days or the remaining days of the booked period whichever is less.
19. For substantial benefit, it is advisable that, although sure and safe, since Nature cure is a slow process, a patient stays for a minimum number of days as will be advised by our panel of doctors after going through the patient's disease condition as submitted in the application form. As such, the minimum duration of stay is for 10 days (9 nights). However, admission for a minimum period of 7 days for detoxification is also allowed for those applying for Suite accommodation, provided such patients do not suffer from any acute/chronic diseases.
20. Any patient concealing any information regarding health/ weight will be denied admission and his / her deposit forfeited. If there is any major change in the medical particulars and weight after confirmation of the booking, please do inform the Institute immediately. Otherwise, your case may not be cleared by the Doctor, admission may be denied at the time of reporting and deposit amount forfeited.
21. Three clear day's notice must be given for cancellation or pre/postponement of confirmed reservation, in the absence of which the advance paid will be forfeited.
22. Frequent changes in days of booking are not entertained and after 2 such changes, no further change will be allowed and the advance deposit will be forfeited.
23. Admissions are made between 9 am and 12 noon and again from 2pm to 5pm.
24. No patient within 1 year from date of discharge will be admitted in free wards and no time gap is required for repeat admissions in other accommodations
25. Once an admission is confirmed, a processing fee of Rs. 200/- per accommodation of SINGLE ROOM, DOUBLE ROOM, Rs.300/- of EXECUTIVE ROOM, Rs.500/- of COTTAGE of HUT & NEST, Rs.1000 for Deluxe Nest / Deluxe Hut will be charged in case cancellation / Refund is requested and approved.
26. PS: "Prevailing rules and regulations of JNI will be applicable at the time of admission. Please log on to our website often to check for updates".
27. Minimum 3 days notice is required to amend any reservation.
28. Although our Check -in time is 11am of the confirmed date, even if a patient reports at 6 am, charges will be levied for the day.
29. In case a patient reports as early morning as any time after 12 O' Clock of the preveous night and before 6 am, 50% of a days charge will be levied extra.
30. However , in case the patient comes in the preveous evening upto midnight, an additional full days charge will be applicable.
31. Patient are advised to be on fruit or steamed vegetable diet for 3-4 days prior to their visit to JNI.
32. a) Foreigners / NRI / OCI / PIOS shall bring a photocopy of passport with visa entry and submit at the time of reporting as per Indian Immigration Act. This is mandatory, without which admission may be denied.
. b) Domestic patients should submit their valid ID card in original, failing which admission will be declined.
Diet Instruction:
Patients are advised to be on fruit or steamed vegetable for 3-4 days prior to their visit to JNI.
Treatable Diseases:
Migraine, Myopia, Sinusitis, Bronchial Asthma, Abdominal disorders (Ulcers, Hyperacidity, Amoebiasis, Dysentery, Colitis, Chronic, Constipation, Gastritis) Hepatitis, Menstrual Disorders, High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), High Uric acid (Hyper uricaemia) High cholesterol (Hyper cholesterolaemia), Eosinophilia, Calcaneal Spur, Diabetes Mellitus, Insomnia, Anxiety Neurosis, Depression, Spondylitis-Cervical and Lumber, Arthritis, Gout, Allergic Rhinitis, Anaemia, (Haemoglobin level not less than 8 gm/ 100 ml) Hypothyroidism, Hypotension, Hiatus Hernia Refractive Errors, Sleep Apnoea and Stable Heart Cases & Obesity.
I have read the conditions mentioned in Rules and Regulations page, all of which I heartily accept and solemnly undertake that I shall abide by the rules and conventions of JNI faithfully. Also, nature of treatment at the Institute and the possible benefits and risks are understood by me. I opt for treatment on my own accord. In the event of complications and / or adverse reactions arising during my stay at JNI, the management will not be held responsible and it has the right to shift / refer me to a suitable medical Institution for treatment at my cost.