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Message for seekers of sound health
Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was admitted to Jindal Nature Cure Institute on 05-03-2015. This infact is his second admission, the first being on 2nd February 2012, together with Mr. Anna Hazare. From his medical history it is evident that he was suffering from high blood sugar level and chronic cough.
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Due to heavy rush and our capacity being limited, we regreat to inform that waiting period for booking economy double and single room is now increased to 4 months. Please apply giving your prefered date accordingly, i,e August & beyond.

Welcome to Jindal Naturecure Institute

Jindal Naturecure Institute (JNI) is the brainchild of Dr.Sitaram Jindal. He had the vision to start a nature cure and yoga institute at a young age of 16 based on his personal experience. Started in 1978, today’s JNI is a modern-day, specialty charitable naturopathy and yoga hospital in an eco friendly campus of 100 acres of lush greenery in Bangalore. Run by Sitaram  Jindal Foundation (a Charitable Trust), it provides relief, prevention and cure of specific diseases through a non- invasive, drugless therapy which combines nature cure with yoga and other drugless regimens; namely, diet therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and Vega therapy  (Germany). The Institute accepts, encourages and provides diagnosis only through scientific methods with modern medical equipments.

JNI is not merely a hospital that helps you treat and cure the specific diseases for which you have chosen to come here but it helps you to learn a new way of life that will be your lifelong companion, enhancing the quality of your physical, psychological and spiritual existence, even long after you have left this abode of health and wellbeing.

Naturopathy is a drugless system of healing. Naturopathy believes that the human body owes its existence to nature’s five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether – a composite representation of all forces of nature. In positive health, each of these elements is in equilibrium. Any disturbances in this equilibrium due to any cause leads to disease.


The ten days I spent at the Institute of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences will always glitter like a bright star on the canvas of my memories. In fatct, this Institute is not a hospital but an ashram, which nature has adorned with a beautiful landscape and flowering gardens... Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee


The Campus Map shows all the important areas of activity in which you would spend most of your time during your stay with us.On your arrival, you will be taken to your accommodation by eco friendly, battery-driven cart via all those prime areas, and the driver will explain each areas from outside.



Students and researchers interested in presenting posters on various aspects on Naturopathy, Yoga and other allied branches can send soft copy of the posters to conference@jindalnaturecure.org


Nature cure is a way of life. It is pure and drugless science but a slow process requiring patience and faith. The patients' own sacrifice, efforts and faith in nature yield benefits. You should take it seriously that your stay is more important for learning to maintain and retain the benefits derived here...


For availing benefits of Naturopathy, admission is required in the Institute. An application containing all medical details should be sent to us. For sending applications online you can use the links in this website. For collecting 'Offline Application', send your request to info@jindalnaturecure.org

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Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was admitted to Jindal Nature Cure Institute on 05-03-2015. This infact is his second admission, the first being on 2nd February 2012, together with Mr. Anna Hazare. From his medical history it is evident that he was suffering from high blood sugar level and chronic cough. In 2012, he came with high sugar level and stayed with us for 16 days.
At that time he turned out to be a very good patient of nature cure regimen, meticulously followed our diet and treatment instructions during his entire stay. As a result, on discharge, his sugar level-both fasting and post prandial, was within normal limits without medication.

It appears that during the past two years he could not follow the lifestyle changes that he had learnt here, may be due to his busy schedule. This deviation from natural lifestyle has had its toll and his blood sugar level has shot up to the level of 300mg/dl plus. We are given to understand that insulin and oral diabetic medications could not stabilize his blood sugar levels at all. On the contrary, it remained erratic and at times abruptly fluctuating and frequently pushing to such a high level as it was on admission day. Since medication could not control, he finally decided to revert back to Naturopathy and to Jindal Nature Cure Institute.

On first day of his medical check-up we observed that this time along with his uncontrolled sugar, he has brought a nagging chronic cough too, which was rather alarming. While traditional nature cure treatments comprising hydrotherapy, massages, packs, mud therapy have been initiated with great effect in combination with yoga and diet therapy, we had to address his chronic cough rather differently. Our observation has found it to be a classic case of faulty and stressful lifestyle that included high consumption of aerated drinks, irregular eating habits; high level of pollution leading to the accumulation of toxins in his body, which required immediate attention, by a competent naturopathy regimen.

A whole lot of detoxifying treatments were introduced from Naturopathy, Yoga Therapy, Diet and their immediate effects were clearly evident.

He is to a large extent detoxified now and his entire system is rejuvenated. His current sugar level is, fasting at 90mg/dl and post prandial at 130mg/dl and his medication has been reduced to only 30% from his medication level at the time of his admission to this institute. He has been advised a strong follow up for his lifestyle modification, dietary changes and daily practice of prescribed yogasana, pranayama and Kriya. He has also been advised that lifestyle change is the key to natural health, and he shall live a normal healthy life following Naturopathic way of life.